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Diving in Phuket and liveaboards in Thailand, the Andaman Sea offers dive sites considered to be among the top ten scuba destinations in the world. It boasts crystal clear water, spectacular reefs and rock formations, plus a colourful selection of marine life. Our diving guide features information about Day Trips, Live-aboard Cruises, Dive Sites, Dive Courses, and points you to reputable Dive Centers. Information on this website will change and grow to present you the best of the Phuket underwater world. Get more information about Phuket, maps, hotels, accommodation best deals, tours and after dive activities. Also available are our guides to Koh Samui and Phi Phi Island.

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Where to Go Scuba Diving

  • Diving for the first time in Phuket

    1st Time Diving in Phuket

    We all agree Phuket is becoming busier and busier and more hotels are being built on what seems like less and less land. Read More»

  • Liveaboards Cruises

    Liveaboards Cruises

    The ultimate in submersion immersion. Like a floating resort where the swimming pool extends to the horizon, you won't Read More»

  • Dive Sites Around Phuket

    Best Dive Sites Around Phuket

    Every year more words are written describing the diverse marine life that prowl the depths of Thailand's oceans and Read More»

  • Phuket Best Dive Centers

    Find here a list of dive centers in Phuket. If your dive center is not listed here please use the form at the bottom of Read More»

  • Dive Boats

    Dive Boats

    World-class staff and full safety considerations are standard. Whether you are looking for privacy, entertainment, Read More»

  • Dining with Kids in Phuket

    Kids Diving in Phuket

    Diving is simple, easy and fun, and a sport the entire family can enjoy together. Diving is environmentally Read More»

King Cruiser Wreck

King Cruiser Wreck

On the 4th of May 1997 the 85-meter passenger ferry 'King Cruiser' on a routine run to the Phi-Phi Islands made history Read More...

Koh Racha Yai

Racha Yai Dive Site

Racha Yai offers some of the best local year around dive-sites but the visibility varies as to the season. On the north Read More...

Koh Dok Mai

Koh Dok Mai Dive Site

This small, jungle topped island is located on the way to Shark Point from Phuket and is considered one of the best wall Read More...

  • TOP 10 Hotels in Phuket

    Top 10 Hotels in Phuket

    Phuket's best hotels all have several things in common - good location, a large range of quality facilities and Read More»

  • Top 10 Best Phuket Luxury Resorts

    Top 10 Luxury Resorts

    Phuket is an island jam packed with luxury resorts, but which are the best? Facilities, location, spas and privacy were Read More»

  • Top 10 Phuket Best Beach Resorts

    Top 10 Best Beach Resorts!

    The tropical island of Phuket has between 30 and 40 beaches, the vast majority of them located on its west coast and a Read More»

  • 10 Best Hotel Discounts in Phuket

    With up to 80% off the standard room rates, you can secure a fantastic holiday with a great hotel and plenty of money to Read More»

  • Top 10 Family Hotels in Phuket

    Top 10 Family Hotels

    How does a good hotel manage to keep dad, mum and the kids content and amused for days on end? Through a combination of Read More»

  • Top 10 Cheap Hotels in Phuket

    10 Best Cheap Hotels in Phuket

    Many may not think so, but Phuket IS accessible to those on a budget! Here we've selected the best hotels available for Read More»


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